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Seaford Opening Round

Updated: Nov 10, 2018

Seaford Round 1 First Blog

Round 1

What a big preseason it's been in footy.

Firstly, welcome to all the new families that have made Seaford JFC their home. Thank you for entrusting your child’s football journey to us.

We have a new treasurer in Cassandra White who will continue on the great job Leanne Pacey did. Thank you Leanne.

You’ve probably noticed a fair bit going on around the club, the seniors have made Belvedere their home for the next season or two due to rail crossing removal works.

As a result, we have had a new fence put around Oval 3, much needed ball retainment fences on No.2 & 3, new coach’s boxes going in on 1 & 3 and new scoreboards on those ovals also.

Larger goal posts on No.2 and the piste-resistance, 150 lux lights, suitable to play night games are also being installed in mid June / July.

How’s that for an off season recruitment package?

Well round 1 is officially done and dusted, was definitely winter weather that greeted us, especially after last week’s weather but hey, it's Melbourne, wait 5 minutes.

Thank you to all the coaches and Team Managers that have put their hand up to help, some at very short notice, others reluctantly J, it is appreciated.

Remember, we are not playing for sheep stations.

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