The golf Section now enters its 25th year, operating since 1994, with a $10.00 annual membership, open to family and friends of the Club.          

There are 10 games planned between February & November, with the ‘Seaford Open’ being held in October.

The first event on the calendar is the ‘Prentice Masters’, usually held in mid-April. After a minimum of 2 games, players are eligible for the ‘Open’.

There are A and B grades, and prizes are awarded in both divisions to financial members. Golf is generously mixed with fun socializing. This is designed as both a social event and a means of raising further funds for Junior sport.

For further details, contact Shane Johnson on 0457 303 109.

Please contact Shane and book in for the Prentice Masters nice & early!!!

Rd 1 Sunday 10th February

Rd 2 Saturday 16th March

Rd 3 Saturday 13th April

 The Prentice Masters

Rd 4 Saturday 11th May

Rd 5 Saturday 15th June

Rd 6 Saturday 20th July

Rd 7 Saturday 17th August

Rd 8 Saturday 14th September


Rd 9 Sunday 27th October

The Open!

Rd 10 Saturday 16th November